Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Classroom Language

The more English you can use in the class with the pupils, the more progress they will make. Your pupils will mostly understand the meaning of what you say from the context, particulary if you repeat the same phrases several times. You can reinforce understanding by physically demostrating the meaning as you say a word, for example, by holding up your class book and pointing to the page number as you say : Open your books. Look at page / 4/. For a complete list of classroom phrases for use during lessons, see below.

To start the lesson
Good morning. Good afternoon.
Hello, everyone.
Are you ready?
Sit Down, please.
Stand up, please.
Let s sing.
Let s play a game.

To start an activity
Open your books. Look at page.....
Close your books. Look at the board.
Look at the poster.
You need a pencil / crayons / scissors.
Colour the pictures
Draw a picture.
Cut the paper, fold the paper, stick here.
Listen and number the picture.
Count and match the number.
Trace the number.
Draw a path.
Say the word.
Work together.
Move your chairs.
Ready ?
During an activity
Pick up your pencil
Repeat .
Say it again.
Well done
Very Good
That s lovely
Show me
Hand up
Can you remember?
Quiet, please!

General interaction
Come here
Give me your book please
touch the flash card
Point to.
Thank you
Help me, please.
At the end of the lesson
Ok, stop now.
Put down your pencils.
Close your books.
Right ! that s the end for today.
Tidy up your books and pencils.
Goodbye everyone.
See you tomorrow.

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