Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tips and Ideas for Role-plays

Improvisation is a kind of a conversation exercise which is fun for the participants and entertains the rest of the class who serves as the audience.Here are some situations you can use:

  1. You are in the restaurant. You have just had a good dinner. The waiter is waiting for you to pay the bill. You look for your wallet and find that you have left it at home.
  2. The car in front of your car suddenly stops, and you cannot avoid hitting it. Both cars are damaged. The driver gets out of his car and comes towards you.
  3. You are home alone. Suddenly the phone rings. You pick up the receiver and hear a strange noise on the other end of the line.
  4. Your friend asks you to return a book that you borrowed from him several months ago. At first you cannot remember what you did with it. Then you explain why you kept the book for such a long time.
  5. At the theater you discover that another person is sitting in your seat. You talk to him, explaining that he is in a wrong seat.
  6. One day you get up early and go downstairs. There, to your surprise, is a stranger sleeping on the sofa. You wake your mother and ask her who the stranger is.
  7. You visit a friend s house. After sneezing several times you realize that you are allergic to your friend s cat.
  8. You are walking downtown with a friend. Suddenly you remember that you left some meat cooking on the stove at home
to be continued....

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