Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Flash Card Games

Flash Card Games
All of the following flashcard games are excellent ways of reinforcing vocabulary in a stimulating way.
Furthemore all of them are ideal ways to start a lesson to revise lexical sets which you have already
presented. Any one of them would make a useful warmer routine in classes. Consider this section
as a bank of flexible Warmer resouces.
Cover a Flashcard with a sheet of paper and hold it up in front of the class. Start to move the paper very slowly and ask the pupils "What is it?" Carry on slidding the paper further down the flashcard,stopping now and then to ask the students What is it? and to allow the class to offer their ideas.

Put a Flashcard to a large envelope and show the class the envelope. Ask the students to draw what they think is inside the envelope. When everyone has finished, open the envelope and slowly reveal the mystery flashcard to show the class.


Ask five pupils to leave the classroom. Then ask the class to help you hide five flashcards somewhere in the classroom. Bring the five pupils back into the room and ask them to find the missing flashcards and what they are.

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