Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tips and Ideas for Conversation Class

Compositions that your students have written themselves can lead to conversation practice. You will not want to have students write them during the lesson, but you can make compositions focal points around which conversation is centered. Here are some useful techniques along these lines :

1. If students write compositions in their regular English course work, they can meet in small groups during conversation class to discuss what they want to write about, their plan of action etc.
2. Have the students bring their corrected compositions to the conversation class. Each student can read his material aloud to the class, with other students questioning him afterwards on points mentioned in his composition.
3. Read a student s corrected composition and have the class take notes. Then ask someone else to make an oral summary of the composition, talking from the notes.

Because the student often has difficulty in thinking of a subject to write about, here are some good topics you can use in your conversation class :

  1. My hometown
  2. My parents
  3. My brothers and sisters
  4. How I spent my childhood
  5. How I met my husband / wife
  6. My wedding day
  7. My children
  8. How I think children should be raised
  9. What I want to give my children most
  10. My home
  11. My best friend
  12. A happy couple I know
  13. What I like / dislike about people
  14. A person I will never forget
  15. The person I admire most
  16. The proudest day of my life
  17. The greatest mistake of my life
  18. An interesting dream I had
  19. A typical day of my life
  20. My education
  21. The teacher I liked the most
  22. The subject I like best/least in school
  23. My first job
  24. What would I do if I had a lot of money
  25. What do I do in my spare time
  26. My hobbies
  27. My favourite sport
  28. My favourite movie
  29. My favourite book
  30. What would I do if I had 3 wishes
  31. Food I like/dislike
  32. Traditional dishes in my country
  33. Where can I see myself in future
  34. The musical instrument I would like to play
  35. The best party I have attended

Taken from:
Effective Techniques for English Conversation Groups by Julia M.Dobson

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